Friday 15 January 2016

Sarawak Day 1 #Part 2

Sarawak Day 1 #Part 2
Assalamualaikum & Hi.

Well, I want to make something new in this very first 2016 entry. Since I've been idle  because of lack of time, "cliche" reason actually and only now I got that precious time, so I want to share something that really really precious. Huh. 

Okey.. This story was not so long like Umi Kalsum and also not so short like Becky. I just want to make it simple yet wallawehhh~.~  It was not less and not more, on this date but it was last year. But why? I just want to reminisce what I am doing , with whom I being, what my moments, what difficulties I faced, who stayed by me, and lot of any other questionnaires.  

Firstly,  this trip supposed to be participated by 12 crazy mates but in the last minutes, the skinny boney boneyto Apijol had to step back  because of sick. Its okay. Maybe in some other time bee-yacht! 

Our meeting point was in KLIA2.  Before  we took the flight, a heart to heart discussion was held because some of us got some bittersweet issues to be solved. Alhamdulillah, it was settled clean and clear. No argues and bitter faces anymore. So, hello Kuching! 

The flying took 1 hour and 30  minutes only from KLIA2 to Kuching Airport.  As we arrived, En. Khairul, our van driver had waited for us.  Oh ya, forgot to tell you. Actually we took a package from Alami Travel Agency for 4 days and 3 nights. It included hotel, van and driver and costed about RM2300 for 12 person.  We stayed at Abell Residence Hotel which is quite comfortable and located in the middle of Kuching city.  I named this trip as "Nature & Adventure" trip as we gained a lot of new experience with natures, flora and fauna and I could tell and admit that Sarawak is one of the hidden paradise. 

 So now let the limelight 90s story begin... 

Cakes tasting and order process~
We went to Zaharah Cake Lapis, the first place of all as Sarawak very well-known with its colorful, tasteful and beautiful layered cakes. I could say that this was  must-buy item when you visit Sarawak. The best part was you can have a taste first before placing your orders. There were  also ready-makes cakes. Since we got another 3 days, so we demanded to have the fresh one from the oven.

Waterfront wefie~
Then, En. Khairul brought us to Kuching Waterfront. It was the most popular meeting place in the city. From here, we can see an interesting piece of architecture blending arches with a dome that takes after a native hat, State Assembly Building. From here too, we can take the famous Sarawak Sampan Taxis across the river which usually costed RM1 per person.

We are in Main Bazaar~
After taking some pictures, we walked to Kuching Main Bazaar. It located opposite the Kuching Waterfront. It was the most visited place in town as it was the number one place to shop for souvenirs and handicrafts. Here, we bought our official-trip-shirts to be worn on the second day. Souvenirs? Not yet because En.Khairul told us there was somewhere much cheaper than here.

So, hello meow!
 Kuching is also called ‘Cats City’ or ‘City of Cats’. The cat statues not only gives a unique feel to the city but also a nice photography subject. Behind us is the statues of  a cat’s family. This statue can be found in the intersection of Jalan Padungan, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Abell. We did not spend much time here because En.Khairul waited for us in the van because there is no parking area.

 * * * * *

Lastly, we checked-in to our hotel to rest and washed up and got ready for dinner. We decided to have our dins in food court where located at the other side of the river bank. We walked to Waterfront jetty from our hotel  and got onto the local penambang boat. There were many choices of local food you can have there. Tired but enjoyful. That’s all for day 1. Stay tuned for day 2 and day 3. Abracadabra!!!

Till then.

Lot of loves,

Shafarahhusna, 15 January 2016

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